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Year: 2014

  • J, P. C., Carvalho, B., Falcao, M., Brandão, E., Reis, F., Carneiro, A. et al. (2014). Anti-VEGF therapy in myopic choroidal neovascularization: long-term results.. Ophthalmologica(232), :57-63. [More]
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Year: 2013

  • Barbosa, M., Bennett, M. & Veríssimo, R. (2013). Cross-Cultural Psychometric Assessment of the Leeds Assessment of Neuropathic Symptoms and Signs (LANSS) Pain Scale in the Portuguese Population. Pain Pract, 14(7(14(7), 620-4. [More]
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Year: 2012

  • Sá, S. I. & Madeira, M. D. (2012). Sex Steroid Hormones Regulate the Expression of Growth-associated Protein 43, Microtubule-associated Protein 2, Synapsin 1 and Actin in the Ventromedial Nucleus of the Hypothalamus. J Mol Neurosci. [More]
  • Andrade, J. P. & Assunção, M. (2012). Protective Effects of Chronic Green Tea Consumption on Age-related Neurodegeneration. Current pharmaceutical design(18), 4-14. [More]

Year: 2011

  • Cardoso, A., , ., Madeira, M. D. & Lukoyanov, N. (2011). Seizure-induced structural and functional changes in the rat hippocampal formation: Comparison between brief seizures and status epilepticus. Behavioural brain research(225), 538-546. [More]

Year: 2010

  • Dias Carvalho, I. (2010). Two Siblings Concordant for Male-to-Female Transsexualism: A Case Report. International Journal of Transgenderism, 12(1), 15-20. [More] [Online version]
  • Sá, S. I., Pereira, P. A., Paula-Barbosa, M. M. & Madeira, M. D. (2010). Role of neural afferents as mediators of estrogen effects on the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus. Brain Research(1366), 60-70. [More]
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  • Assunção, M., , ., Carvalho, F. & Andrade, J. P. (2010). Green tea averts age-dependent decline of hippocampal signaling systems related to antioxidant defenses and survival.. Free Radical Biology & Medicine(48), 831-838. [More]

Year: 2009

  • Ferreira, S. M., , . & Madeira, M. D. (2009). Sexually dimorphic response of the hypothalamo–pituitary–adrenal axis to chronic alcohol consumption and withdrawal. Brain Research, 1303(25), 61-73. [More]
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  • Assunção, M., , ., Carvalho, F., Lukoyanov, N. & Andrade, J. P. (2009). Chronic green tea consumption prevents age-related changes in rat hippocampal formation. Neurobiology of Aging(7309). [More]

Year: 2008

  • Monteiro, R., Assunção, M., Andrade, J. P., Neves, D., Calhau, C. & Azevedo, I. (2008). Chronic Green Tea Consumption Decreases Body Mass, Induces Aromatase Expression, and Changes Proliferation and Apoptosis in Adult Male Rat Adipose Tissue. The Journal of Nutrition(138), 2156-2163. [More]
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  • Assunção, M., , ., de Freitas, V., Paula-Barbosa, M. M. & Carvalho, F. (2008). Modulation of rat cerebellum oxidative status by prolonged red wine consumption. Addiction Biology(13), 337-344. [More]

Year: 2007

  • Cardoso, A., Assunção, M., Andrade, J. P., Pereira, P. A., Madeira, M. D., Paula-Barbosa, M. M. et al. (2007). Loss of Synapses in the Entorhinal-Dentate Gyrus Pathway FollowingRepeated Induction of Electroshock Seizures in the Rat. Journal of Neuroscience Research(86), 71-83. [More]
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  • Assunção, M., de Freitas, V. & Paula-Barbosa, M. M. (2007). Grape seed flavanols, but not Port wine, prevent ethanol-induced neuronal lipofuscin formation. Brain Research(1129), 72-80. [More]

Year: 2006

  • Lukoyanov, N. & ,. (2006). Retrosplenial cortex lesions impair acquisition of active avoidance while sparing fear-based emotional memory. Behavioural Brain Research, 176(2), 229-236. [More]
  • Guimarães, J., Cardoso, M. J. & Sá, M. J. (2006). Tau protein seems not to be a useful routine clinical marker of axonal damage in multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis, 12(3), 354-356. [More]
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  • Cardoso, A., Paula-Barbosa, M. M. & Lukoyanov, N. (2006). Reduced density of neuropeptide Y neurons in the somatosensory cortex of old male and female rats: relation to cholinergic depletion and recovery after nerve growth factor treatment. Neuroscience, 137(3), 937-948. [More]

Year: 2005

  • Araújo, F., Henriques, I., Monteiro, F., Meireles, E., Cruz, A., Tavares, G. et al. (2005). Evaluation of NucliSensnext term–AmpliScreen methodology to detect subtypes G of HIV-1 and 4c/4d of HCV in the screening of blood donors. Transfusion Clinique et Biologique, 12(4), 331-335. [More]
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  • Sá, S. I. & Madeira, M. D. (2005). Neuronal organelles and nuclear pores of hypothalamicnext term ventromedial neurons are sexually dimorphic and change during the estrus cycle in the rat. Neuroscience, 133(4), 919-924. [More]
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Year: 2004

  • Barroso, H., Araújo, F., Gomes, M. H., Mota Miranda, A. & Taveira, N. (2004). Phylogenetic demonstration of two cases of perinatal human immunodeficiency virus type 2 infection diagnosed in adulthood.. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses, 12(20), 1373-1376. [More]
  • Andrade, J. P., Pereira, P. A., Ferreira, S. M., Sá, S. I. & Lukoyanov, N. (2004). Timed hypocaloric food restriction alters the synthesis and expression of vasopressinnext term and vasoactive intestinal peptide in the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Brain Research, 1022(1-2). [More]
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