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Are there subtypes of alexithymia?

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2009
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Alexithymia,Bermond Vorst Alexithymia Questionnaire,Cluster analysis,Factor analysis,Subtypes of alexithymia
  • Bagby, R. Michael
  • Quilty, Lena C.
  • Taylor, Graeme J.
  • Grabe, Hans J.
  • Luminet, Olivier
  • Veríssimo, Ramiro
  • Grootte, Iris De
  • Vanheule, Stijn
Journal: Personality and Individual Differences Volume: 47
Number: 5 Pages: 413-418
Month: October
The aim of this study was to investigate the viability of Type I and Type II alexithymia proposed by Vorst and Bermond (2001) and defined by Affective and Cognitive higher-order factors as measured by the Bermond– Vorst Alexithymia Questionnaire (BVAQ). Using data from a large international database, confirmatory factor and cluster analyses were conducted with a pooled sample (N = 1696), as well as with five samples of subjects that composed the pooled sample, in which subjects had completed different language versions of the BVAQ. A correlated five-factor model produced the best fit in the pooled sample and in each of the five samples; this model was also a better fit than the higher-order, two-factor model on which the Type I and Type II distinction rests. Across the five samples and in the pooled sample, a twocluster solution did not emerge. In sum, the results failed to provide empirical support for the Type I and Type II alexithymia distinction.

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