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Impaired water maze navigation of Wistar rats with retrosplenialnext term cortex lesions: effect of nonspatial pretraining

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2005
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Retrosplenialnext term cortex; Lesion; Learning; Spatial previous termnavigation; Water mazenext term; Nonspatial pretraining
Journal: Behavioural Brain Research Volume: 158
Number: 1 Pages: 175-182
Month: March
Damage to the previous termretrosplenialnext term cortex (RC) impairs the performance of rodents on spatial learning and memory tasks, but the extent of these deficits was previously reported to be influenced by the lesion type, previous termratnext term strain, and behavioral task used. The present study addressed the issue of whether or not cytotoxic damage to RC impairs place previous termnavigation of Wistar ratsnext term in the Morris previous termwater mazenext term and, if so, whether this is merely attributable to spatial learning deficits or to previous termimpairednext term learning of general (nonspatial) behavioral strategies required to correctly perform this task or both. Behaviorally naive previous termratsnext term with bilateral lesions to RC were significantly previous termimpairednext term relative to sham-lesioned previous termratsnext term both during the period of initial learning of the task and during the later phases of training. In addition, these animals showed enhanced thigmotaxis, indicating that the lesion was associated with considerable abnormalities in nonspatial learning. In contrast, RC-lesioned animals that have been previously familiarized with general task rules in a series of shaping trials did not show more thigmotaxis than did their respective controls. Furthermore, although these previous termratsnext term were still previous termimpairednext term in the middle of the training process, their performance during the period of initial learning as well as by the end of training was found to now be normal. Our results confirm those of earlier studies indicating that RC is important for spatial previous term The findings herein reported are also consistent with the notion that, in addition to spatial information processing, RC is involved in cognitive processes underlying the ability of subjects to properly respond to general task demands.

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